What is Coin Trade Fund? A private hedge fund dedicated to crypto-currency. You invest. We trade on markets, mine crypto-currency and then distribute variable returns to our members. There is no guarantees for payment of any kind, but our team will work hard to bring the best results possible for our members. As soon as we hit our funding and member cap targets, members will be able to choose to be transfered to private site, or refunded without loss of interest and any fees. Public exposure and registration will be possible until 2018/01/01.

Why private? We are opened public, to raise funds for our future operation. We do not plan going to massive member base. Limited members, more easy to control and distribute funds for members. We are sharing 50% of our revenues instantly to members. 30% of revenues is used to grow our fund. 20% is maintenance and commission fees.

How to invest? Register on site and verify your e-mail. Please check the spam folder and use GMail service if possible. Then deposit funds and buy trading packages. Each package qualify member to receive future revenues from trading and mining. You can have a $5000 worth of packages maximum per member.

Are there any deposit fees? There are no fees for deposits.

How much will I earn? Each trading package costs $50 and matures at $70 (140% in total). We pay variable returns several times per week. A 1-10% per distribution usualy. We pass on whatever we make, there is no magic profits or numbers. The fund is created to sustain and we will track our performance after the BETA will be closed and mining rigs setup and running.

Can I lose money? Yes. We run into loss days frequently (and when they happen, they often come in groups). We are going longterm strategy and our portfolio includes most undervalued coins with real usage or promising product. We spend much time to research what to buy and when to sell. Our mining rigs is producing additional revenues, so the chance to not get revenues at all is close to zero.

What are the risks? (1) If we trade incorrectly; buying when we should be selling, and vice versa. Then we can lose some money. This happens frequently; and is part of our normal operation.
(2) Theft. Crypto-currencies cannot typically be recovered when they are stolen.
(3) Government Intervention. If our exchange platform (Poloniex or Bittrex) gets shut down. Substantial losses will occur.
(4) The complete devaluation of crypto-currencies. They are not backed by any commodity, if overnight everyone loses confidence in them. They could become valueless numbers on a screen.

How do I cashout? Login to your member area and request an amount to cashout up to $500 per transaction.

Can I deposit today and cashout tomorrow? Yes! Cashout absolutely everything at any time.

Can I make multiple investments? Yes, you can buy trading packages until you have $5000 capital working for you as maximum.

How long do cashouts take? How much do they cost? Cashouts are usually approved the same/next working day. You can cashout to Bitcoin or Ethereum crypto-currency. There is 2% fixed fee for cashouts. Please fill your profile first, before requesting cashout.

Do you offer a referral program? Yes. We pay you 10% instantly of your referred members purchases and repurchases. The commission percentage is subject to change in the future.
This is closed end digital assets fund. Send us message.

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